Rhino Linings


Compustar Starters

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    Run Flat Tire Machine

    We re-engineered our entire line of professional-grade tire changing equipment and then threw them out into the real world for testing strength & longevity.

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    Spin Balancer

    While most tire service centers are equipped with “rim-clamp” or “touchless” tire changers, some changers feature rollers that loosen the beads, while others feature side-shovel bead looseners.

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    Bi Directional Scan Tool

    Modern cars come well-equipped with sophisticated diagnostic computers, and today’s mechanics and home repair enthusiasts benefit from owning an Automotive Scan Tool

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    Emission “Smoke Tester “to diagnose todays complicated emission systems

    The Crypton Cudos is a pc based engine analyser that is capable of carrying out a complete test of the various components and a preset test of the overall efficiency of your ignition system, fuel system, electrical system and charging system.